When you feel your best, you play your best.

Pearl Padel tells the classic story of looking for something you can’t find – and creating it yourself. As a padel enthusiast, Charlotta Elgh was simply searching for padel wear that would flatter her figure while allowing to play her best game, and nothing on the market was ticking the boxes.

With her entrepreneurial mindset and background in marketing and product development, Charlotta decided to take on Pearl Padel, giving her a creative outlet to combine her two great passions: sports and design. Her vision is to create padel wear that reflects the lifestyle of a modern woman; where health and fitness is seamlessly integrated into ones day, and where you can move back and forth between home, workplace, padel court and restaurant –  quickly, comfortably and stylishly. “I want to offer padel wear that become hero items in your wardrobe. Pieces that you keep returning to – day after day. But they should also be items that help women find their inner warrior on the court – allowing them to give all they’ve got” says Charlotta.

Lotta is based in Malmö, Sweden, and is the proud mother of three girls. She trains everything from yoga to tennis, with padel being her special love child after having lived several years in Mallorca, where the sport is widely popular.